My NorthSide

SPEAKER 1: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 2: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 3: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 4: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 5: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 6: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 7: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 8: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 9: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 10: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 11: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 12: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 13: This is my Northside. I love it.

SPEAKER 14: Welcome, this is my Northside.

SPEAKER 9: What I love about my job is that I oversee radiology.

SPEAKER 15: We serve the food.

SPEAKER 16: I’m a pharmacy supervisor.

SPEAKER 3: I am responsible for heating and air conditioning.

SPEAKER 7: Skilled nurse facilities, home health companies.

SPEAKER 5: Checking out vehicles to make sure they are well-maintained.

SPEAKER 17: Government accounts– Medicare, Medicaid.

SPEAKER 18: Special events.

SPEAKER 19: Design, construction.

SPEAKER 20: Quality improvement initiatives.

SPEAKER 21: Everything in the kitchen– I kind of just help out wherever it’s needed.

SPEAKER 22: We do all billing– ICD-10, CPT coding.

SPEAKER 23: I register patients in for the procedures.

SPEAKER 24: Assign beds as the day goes through, help with discharges– things like that.

SPEAKER 25: I do the schedule for labor and delivery.

SPEAKER 26: Make visits to patients throughout the hospital as needs arise.

SPEAKER 27: Care for the entire hospital to make sure that everybody is safe.

SPEAKER 13: Wipe the table. Clean bathrooms.

SPEAKER 28: Mop the floor.

SPEAKER 29: Clean and sanitize the rooms–

SPEAKER 4: –thoroughly top-to-bottom to make sure that they’re sparkling clean and ready for the next patient.

SPEAKER 12: I’m responsible for telling people when they have to work.

SPEAKER 30: We provide educational materials–

SPEAKER 6: –basically to keep the physicians and staff happy and give them all the tools they need to make the patients happy.

SPEAKER 31: We do a lot of fabulous cuisines for our patients and our guests.

SPEAKER 14: We do biopsies. We do bone marrows. We do drainages.

SPEAKER 32: Our volunteers do everything.

SPEAKER 33: You never know what I’m going to do on a daily basis. And that’s what I love about my job.

SPEAKER 24: I have never worked for a place that made me feel so welcome.

SPEAKER 23: When I first started working at Northside, I noticed that everyone was smiling.

SPEAKER 4: Smiles and happiness– that’s the joy of my heart. That’s why I work here, just to bring happiness to the patients.

SPEAKER 14: I always feel like it’s home– coming home to work.

SPEAKER 3: I feel like every time I come to work, it’s a bonus.

SPEAKER 25: I love my job. I could work every day.

SPEAKER 35: Sometimes, I wish I was here on my day off.

SPEAKER 22: It’s a second home to me.

SPEAKER 18: It feels like you come in every day, and you’re with people that you enjoy being with.

SPEAKER 12: It feels like family.

SPEAKER 1: We are a family.

SPEAKER 17: We’re family.

SPEAKER 29: And I’ll be darned if it isn’t.

SPEAKER 32: Northside is a family.

SPEAKER 4: And it’s just an amazing place to be.


SPEAKER 11: Life here is fun.

SPEAKER 25: I love what I do. I love taking care of the patients.

SPEAKER 14: My patients– I love my patients.

SPEAKER 8: For me, that’s the best part about my job– making sure the patient is happy.

SPEAKER 4: This is my little elephant. It’s something we like to add to the patients’ rooms.

SPEAKER 6: Everybody is caring, from the front desk, to the nurses, to the physicians– everybody you come in contact with.

SPEAKER 16: I just see that day-in and day-out. It’s patient safety and patients first.

SPEAKER 22: I have countless stories of patients coming to me and saying, I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Northside.

SPEAKER 20: Northside is like a hospital without walls. We extend way beyond.

SPEAKER 33: Really getting involved in the community–

SPEAKER 34: Whether it’s concerts, supporting local schools–

SPEAKER 22: –or outreach programs, or financial assistance programs, or charity events.

SPEAKER 3: Northside– throughout the city– is everywhere. Even my son’s high school, up in Milton.

SPEAKER 34: Northside is embedded in the community for the greater good of all.

SPEAKER 28: I’m happy for so many things here.

SPEAKER 29: The cafeteria is pretty decent.

SPEAKER 21: The food is wonderful.

SPEAKER 31: Fried chicken, my famous macaroni and cheese.

SPEAKER 15: I would suggest, if you want a job, come to Northside.

SPEAKER 25: There’s so much room for growth and opportunity for advancement.

SPEAKER 16: I feel heard. I feel supported in my job.

SPEAKER 28: Northside hospital has so many opportunities for everyone.

SPEAKER 2: No matter what your stature, or pay grade, or position, or credentials– Northside cares about everyone here.

SPEAKER 11: Yeah, I don’t think you could say enough about Northside. It’s a great, friendly place to work. And you can strive for the sky and reach the moon.


SPEAKER 16: The best thing about Northside is the people.

SPEAKER 12: The great thing about working here is the other people that work here.

SPEAKER 7: The best thing about my job is the people that I work with.

SPEAKER 19: It really boils down to the people.

SPEAKER 15: The people.

SPEAKER 36: The people that work here.

SPEAKER 33: It’s the people that I work with.

SPEAKER 32: I think the people make all the difference in the world.

SPEAKER 10: And I love the people that I work with.

SPEAKER 6: People at Northside just care.

SPEAKER 33: You feel like you’re part of a team. You’re not working alone.

SPEAKER 21: There are really good people here– genuinely good people.

SPEAKER 23: I absolutely love the people that I work with.

SPEAKER 9: What’s not to love with this beautiful facility, the people that I work with.

SPEAKER 4: It’s just truly a joy to work here.

SPEAKER 25: Yeah, I love it.

SPEAKER 34: It’s a great place to be.

SPEAKER 12: Nobody wants to be in the hospital, but if you have to be in one, I think you should be here.

SPEAKER 27: I love the job. I love this place. I love to see the growth of the Northside.

SPEAKER 13: I’m so proud to work here, because it’s a very great place.

SPEAKER 3: I wear my name proudly on my badge when I go out in public.

SPEAKER 20: I have a shirt on now that says Northside. And I’m very proud to wear that symbol of excellence.

SPEAKER 35: I’m proud to have been here at the Northside family for 36 years.

SPEAKER 32: A total of 16 years– eight years as a volunteer, now, and eight years as an employee.

SPEAKER 1: 25 years this year July.

SPEAKER 28: I spent 18 years in Atlanta and the last 10 here.

SPEAKER 14: I love what I do. I’ve been doing it for almost 32 years, so I love it.

SPEAKER 10: Well, I’ve been working here 43 years.

SPEAKER 17: I’ve been at Northside for 47 years in August. And I’m working on 48 years.

SPEAKER 1: I’m proud to be part of this team.

SPEAKER 17: There’s no stopping us. There’s just not stopping us.

SPEAKER 35: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 28: This is my Northside.

SPEAKER 23: This is my Northside. It really is.

SPEAKER 27: This is my Northside. This is where I work. This is where I love to be. I can work somewhere else– anybody can. But this is where I love to be. This is my Northside.