HR Recruiting

TAMARA MITCHELL: Hi, my name is Tamara Mitchell and I am the outpatient oncology recruiter here, at Northside Hospital. So what I look for when I am recruiting potential candidates is someone with a great personality, upbeat attitude, someone that will exude empathy and compassion. Oncology is a very hard specialty, so it is my responsibility to find the best fit to join our already extraordinary team of nurses and doctors that we have.

JUSTINE THOMPSON: Hey y’all, I’m Justine, Talent Acquisition Recruiter for Forsyth Acute Care. Usually what I’m looking for when hiring a nurse, is someone who is genuinely compassionate, someone who is a self-starter, and also is not afraid to go the extra mile. Here at Northside Forsyth, we love to care for our patients, but we also enjoy treating them like family.

ROSLYN ROBERTS: Hi. My name’s Roslyn Roberts, and today I want to give you some tips when job searching. It’s really important that when you submit your resume, that your contact information is up to date. And by that, your voicemail is set up on your cell phone, and that you’ve cleared out all your messages. This is a great impression for your future employer, that they’re going to leave you messages, and that you’re going to follow up in a timely fashion to them. Hopefully that is helpful with you and your job search. Good luck.

KATIE PFAFFENBERGER: Hello, I’m Katie Pfaffenberger, one of the talent acquisition recruiters here at Northside Hospital. Just wanted to take a moment and give you a few application tips when applying to Northside. First off, you want to make sure that you are using your most current resume when applying for positions. That means having your most up-to-date contact information, as well as putting your most up-to-date job experience at the very top of your resume.

Here at Northside we can read up to 100-plus resumes in a day, so it’s very helpful for us recruiters to be able to access your information quickly. We’re super excited to have you apply at Northside, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

CANDACE HAMILTON: Hi, I’m Candace Hamilton, and I’m a uFlex recruiter. What my managers look for is someone who is truly flexible and have a passion for patient care.

KENDALL FUTCH: Hi, my name is Kendall. And I recruit for the nurse residency program here at Northside Hospital. The biggest thing that I look for when recruiting residents is that you are enthusiastic and passionate about the specialty that you’re interested in. Our nurse managers look for dedication to the program and to our patient population.

SPENCER PRINCE: Hi. My name is Spencer Prince and I recruit for Northside Hospital women’s services, including labor and delivery and mom baby. Today I have a couple of interview tips, starting with number one. Be sure to know the job requirements for the position that you are applying for. Very important. Number two, using the STAR method as a base when responding to behavioral-based interview questions. The STAR breaks down as Situation, a Task, the Action, and the Results. Number three, most importantly, be confident and claim the opportunity as yours.

ELLEN REIS: Hi, my name is Ellen. I work here at Northside Hospital, human resources. I am one of the onboarding specialists here at Northside, and I would like to tell every new hire onboarding here at Northside that you’re going to receive a lot of emails coming from us. First, it’s going to be the background, I-9, and some employee health screening information. But I would say the most important is to keep in touch with your onboarding specialist. That way, we can work out any difficulties, any questions that you have through your onboarding process.

KATIE JONES: Hi, guys. My name is Katie. And I am the pharmacy recruiter at Northside Hospital. And I want to talk to you about the night before your interview, because we’ve all been there, that moment where you’re going through your closet trying to figure out what to wear and your mind is running 100 miles per hour trying to figure out what questions are they going to ask and how am I going to answer them. Because let’s face it, interviewing is stressful.

So if you’re there and nerves are running a little high, I just want to encourage you to take a couple minutes to remember why you chose your career, to remember why you love what you do, and how it’s impacted the lives of those around you. So in those moments where it’s stressful and you’re not sure what you need to say going in, just remember to be yourself. And remember the impact that you’ve had on those around you.