A Lasting Gift

Northside Hospital Environmental Services Tech Stephan V. knows that his interactions with patients can have just as much impact as those of any doctor or nurse. And he proved that recently with a patient who was being treated for leukemia in Northside’s BMT unit. Stephan’s natural gift for kindness and optimism left an impression on the woman and her family that won’t ever be forgotten.

Check out this excerpt from a letter written by Angie L., the patient’s daughter:

“I first met Stephan in April 2016 when my mom was diagnosed with leukemia,” she wrote. “It was such a scary time for us. Stephan walked in the room and provided a true breath of fresh air. His sense of humor was so comforting and his positive attitude is incredible!”

This is high praise indeed and shows what impact a simple smile and upbeat demeanor can have, especially for those patients and their families who are facing a difficult journey. Stephan, like so many other Northsiders, has an innate ability to make those around them feel better.

It’s a skill that’s apparent to Stephan’s boss, Monique J.

“It goes to show that our staff are more than EVS Techs,” she wrote after seeing Angie’s letter. “The care and kindheartedness that they provide to our patients goes a long way and it can be quite memorable for the families.”

When caring is genuine, people know it. Although Angie’s mother sadly succumbed to her disease in January, Stephan’s kindness was a lasting gift for her and her family.

“Of all of the people that she wanted to recognize before she died, Stephan was one of them,” Angie wrote. “I can’t explain how much he meant to us over the long journey. Northside Hospital is so lucky to have Stephan.”

We are lucky to have Stephan, and thousands of others just like him, in the Northside family. They realize that what they do every day – and how they do it – can make a world of difference!