The Northside Difference

For many Northside patients, one of the first faces they see belongs to Marckeith D. or a member of his team.

As a Financial Counseling Supervisor at the Atlanta campus, Marckeith and the people he manages are responsible for getting the patient experience off on the right foot. After six years with Northside, Marckeith is confident his team is making a difference.

“We are the meat and potatoes of the hospital,” Marckeith says. “We are here to assist patients who may have financial difficulties. We’re the brain trust and problem-solvers identifying where we can best help patients.”

For Marckeith and his staff, the basics of the job are “registering patients, getting all the patients demographic and insurance information and trying to make a successful collection of whatever the patient’s responsibility for payment is.”

It’s important ground floor work that must be handled with care, compassion, and precision. “Our main goal (outside of safety and excellence) is brainstorming how we can help patients who are having financial difficulties,” Marckeith said. “We’re here to give options to our patients.”

Taking care of patients comes easily to Marckeith because he is proud to be part of the Northside family and everything it represents.

“It’s a phenomenal feeling,” he said. “Northside didn’t become the number one employer in the Southeast by mistake. Northside puts their patients first in everything. Northside also takes care of its employees, not only from a financial perspective, but a compassion and care perspective.”

Taking care of employees has a trickle-down effect that directly impacts patients and helps create what Marckeith sees as “The Northside Difference.”

“We pride ourselves on giving each patient and their families service excellence,” Marckeith said. “We listen to their concerns, and their health comes first and foremost. We want to make sure that the patient is taken care of and comfortable and that their families are comfortable.

“We have a great clinical staff, the nurses, physicians, and techs. Northside employees will always put a patient’s safety above all.”

For those looking to join the Northside family in any capacity, Marckeith says it’s key that they be ready to perform at a high level from the first day.

“Research the company!” he said. “See if you have what it takes to be a Northside employee – are you committed to excellence? Are you committed to ensuring each patient and their family has a pleasurable experience? We want to make sure that the experience here is different than any other hospital experience they have had.”

Marckeith says those applying to Northside also need to be comfortable working as part of a team.

“Definitely, if you’re not a team player, you should not apply!” he said. “Northside is all about teamwork. You should have a drive and determination to succeed, and be able to accept constructive feedback and apply it in your daily job, until you become an expert at it.”

Once you’re working at Northside, Marckeith says you can expect to challenged, empowered and supported – just as he has been throughout his career journey here.

“Northside is different than any employer I’ve ever worked for,” he said. “The leadership here has really taken the time to prepare me for my current role and others that I may apply for in the future. Northside takes very seriously the education of its employees to ensure that we are knowledgeable and capable to execute our job responsibilities precisely.”

As a team leader and supervisor, Marckeith has learned to appreciate and respect those he works with. In fact, he says his teammates are his favorite thing about working at Northside.

“That’s the God honest truth,” he said. “I love my employees! I will work hard for them, because the harder I work for them, the harder they work for me! I’ve never worked anywhere where I have cared this much about my staff.”

When he looks toward his future at Northside, Marckeith says he is content with the path he is following. “I see that there are areas and opportunities for growth,” he said.

In fact, Marckeith says there is very little that could tear him away from his team at Northside. “There is absolutely no way that I’m leaving Northside Hospital – unless I go to the U.S. Senate in 2022!” Marckeith said. “That’s just how good Northside has been to me – I have never enjoyed working somewhere like I do working at Northside.”